Sport & Culture Italy, France and Japan at the International Judo Seminar 2019

It’s just ended the 2019, a year full of events and moments where the Judo promoted by us, in collaboration with the Dojo Kenshiro Abbe – Gruppo Marche (1974 – 2019) of the Master Corrado Croceri, has reached very high technical, cultural and historical levels.

The special guest was the Master Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki 8° Dan (World Champion Maastricht 1981). He does not need to be presented, he amazed us by combining his personal style with modern judo with an antique taste.

Master K. Kashiwazaki is always modesty. His humility, his intelligent irony, is such that when you see him on the tatami, you realize that you are standing in front of a man with an incredible knowledge.

His way of transmitting his knowledge is the result of a great work done undoubtedly of intensive trainings but also of different reflections that make understand the culture he has accumulated over the time.

The Master’s judo is the maximum expression of the adaptability that in the ideogram “JU” finds its deep meaning. The Master has a slim build, which clearly does not represent the image of a strong man in his physical structure. Yet his inner strength, the true one, shines through in all his ways.

The judo practiced in its true essence, is an incredibly effective method in forging the spirit “Shin” and in this case, in the days of the 45th Anniversary of the Dojo Kenshiro Abbe – Gruppo Marche of Corridonia, in days 19/20/21 December 2019 with the Master K. Kashiwazaki and a team of students from different universities who accompanied him, we could see, try, appreciate something that is not easily found around.

Those who participated could enjoy moments of high technical level in particular the special techniques of “sacrifice” (Sutemi waza) of the Master, unique and typical of his style of expression. How do not mention the judo to the ground (Ne waza) an endless list of solutions that would have been impossible to keep in our minds.

We are proud for having been celebrate the 45th anniversary of the foundation with a person like the Master Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki. He already said that he will be with us again for the 50th.

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