Judo Summer Camp with Judo Master Katanishi is engaging and particularly worthwhile, attracting judoka from far and wide. It’s for this reason that we wanted to make the Judo Master’s experience available to a wide audience in Italy. The technical demonstrations that you’ll see at this summer camp will reach the highest aesthetic levels of rare beauty.

Every year, the Judo Summer Camp draws an increasingly larger international contingent and the feedback and consensus is unanimously and overwhelmingly positive. Over the years, attendance and quality have grown and, thanks to the influence of the many judo teachers who attend, the value of the course is making major inroads into the training of many judoka in Italy and abroad.

Hiroshi Katanishi – Judo Master (8th Dan) at Judokwai Losanna – graduated at Tenri University

Hiroshi Katanishi

An important point of reference for the Summer Camp, was recently awarded 8th Dan by the Kodokan in Tokyo, an appropriate indicator of the level of expertise reached by anyone of this grade. The Judo Master has been visiting us since 2004 and has become something of a judo celebrity in Italy, at least by those who are passionate about our discipline.

Corrado Croceri

Very active in teaching Judo according to the noble principles of the founder Jigoro Kano. He’s promoting his project “Il Judo nel Dojo”, through courses in every part of Italy.

Corrado Croceri – Judo Master (6th Dan), Italian Champion in the 70’s
Tatsuto Shima – Judo Master (4th Dan) at Judokwai Losanna – graduated at Tsukuba University

Tatsuto Shima

Tatsuto is a young technician who has been a permanent teacher of this summer internship for years. Class ’91, graduated in physical education, speaks English, French and Hungarian. His favorite techniques in the tachi waza are: Kosoto gari– Morote Seoi nage. It is very effective in the exercise of randori and also very experienced in Ne waza.


Watch the videos to discover more about the event and feel the special atmosphere of our Judo Summer Camps.

Judo Summer Camp in Black&White

Hiroshi Katanishi, technical director

Corrado Croceri, the founder of our camp