1. Definitions

For the purposes of this contract, it means:

Service provider: unless otherwise provided, ASD Dojo Kenshiro Abbe – Gruppo Marche, with headquarters in Corridonia (MC), in Via Santa Chiara, 62014 Italy – VAT number | VAT IT 00979950433 – Tax Code | Fiscal Code 93005750430.

Platform or website: the website  www.tretorri.org.

Courses: courses organized and promoted by the Supplier which take place in the classroom (“classroom courses”), at the requesting company or other suitable location (“in house courses”), or online (“live web courses” with online interaction with teachers and other students and “on demand” or “recorded” courses without active interactions).

Professional: someone who acts for professional or entrepreneurial purposes.

Enrolled: the Consumer or Professional who has registered but not yet paid the fee for the course.

Participant: generically the Consumer or Professional who has purchased a course.

User: any person who has access to the website.

Material: teaching material relating to the course, such as slides and tests.

Download: the transfer, normally of files, from a remote computer to a local one. On the Internet, depending on the connection, communication programs, FTP or commands provided by online services client programs are used.

Form: electronic forms. Pages in which you are asked for personal information to allow you to access the services provided by the site.

2. Object of the contract

This contract establishes the conditions of use of the  www.tretorri.org platform , or others connected to the activity of the ASD Dojo Kenshiro Abbe – Gruppo Marche or of the Tre Torri brand, the methods of purchase and participation in classroom and online courses therein promoted and defines the services reserved for members of the platform.

The Supplier reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time, notifying Users on its home page. In this case the changes will be effective for the purposes of the law, without the need for specific and further approval and in any case after 10 days from their publication.

Any tolerance by the Supplier to behavior that is in violation of the provisions of these conditions does not constitute a waiver of the rights to which that party is entitled under the aforementioned conditions. If one of the conditions is found to be null or ineffective, any nullity or ineffectiveness will not extend to the remaining contractual clauses.  

3. Obligations relating to the use of the platform

All Users must use the site in strict compliance with these Terms and Conditions.

The User undertakes not to use the Platform and the related services for illegal purposes or for purposes contrary to these terms and conditions of use, or in ways that could damage its functionality, making it unusable, causing overloading, deterioration and/or interference with the use of the same by other Users.

Any behavior which, even through mere attempts, may result in unauthorized access to the Portal, services, other accounts, systems or networks connected to it through hacking operations, password forgery or other means is prohibited. 

4. How to register, purchase courses and participate

Without prejudice to the provisions for in-house courses, for which it is necessary to send a specific request for information directly to the Supplier, the User who wishes to participate in one of the online or classroom courses organized by the Supplier and promoted via the site will be able to select the course of interest directly from the platform and follow the registration and purchase procedure described below. 

Registration procedure

Once the course has been selected, the user will be directed to a web page containing the technical data sheet of the event and will be able to request enrollment after registration.

To this end, the User must complete the appropriate form to register with the system.

The User undertakes not to provide false or misunderstanding data or false information, assuming any liability resulting therefrom. The positive outcome of registration and consequent enrollment in the chosen course is subject to acceptance of these terms and conditions, having read the privacy information and giving consent to the processing of the data provided.

At the end of the procedure, the member will receive an email to the email address indicated during registration containing the access credentials to their reserved area.

These credentials can be used by the participant to select further courses, in order to avoid having to fill out the form in the personal data and billing section (if not modified). 

Purchase procedure

After having read the summary of the order, the member will be able to confirm the desire to purchase the course by clicking on the appropriate negotiation button, containing the wording “Order the Product” or a corresponding wording indicating that the forwarding of the order implies the obligation to pay.

The page with a summary of the services purchased and the amount to be paid will then be displayed.

The member will thus be able to complete the order by paying the fee required for participation in the selected course using one of the following methods: credit card, Paypal.

Subscription courses may be available, the content of which is provided monthly in the reserved area.

With actual participation in the chosen course within the terms described below, the service will be deemed to have been provided.

In the reserved area the member will be able to view the status of the order at any time and proceed with payment, thus concluding the purchase procedure.

The invoice or receipt certifying payment will be issued following payment and sent via email to the email address provided by the participant. 

Conduct of courses

The classroom courses will take place in the location selected for the event, on the dates and times established and indicated in the sheet relating to the selected course.

The live web courses will take place through the e-learning platform made available to participants, on the established dates and times.

The on-demand or recorded courses will take place through the e-learning platform made available to participants, who will be able to follow the event at any time from their activation and until the deadline, if any, which is communicated within the individual course.

The subscription courses include automatic payment via credit card, Paypal and, in general, the payment methods available on the platform, in this case the payment is always considered in advance of the reference period, and the successful completion of the charge jeopardizes the access to the course and contents. Subscription courses are automatically renewed with no minimum renewal obligation.

5. Services and delivery methods User area

The User who has completed the registration procedure will receive the credentials to access their reserved area via email. These credentials are personal and cannot be transferred to third parties. In the event of loss of the password, a specific procedure is provided for its recovery.

From the user area it is possible to access and modify your data, including the access password, check the courses purchased and the specifications relating to them, view the status of your orders and complete any pending purchases.

For the above purposes, the participant is responsible for verifying and updating the data in order to guarantee its accuracy and correct processing by the Supplier. 

E-learning platform

Access to the e-learning platform is permitted only to those who are in possession of the credentials issued for this purpose by the Supplier following the correct conclusion of the registration and purchase procedure described above, and will be valid until the deadline set for each course. or subscription.

6. Industrial and intellectual property

The Supplier guarantees that it has acquired the economic exploitation rights on the educational material relating to the courses, published on the site in any form, including multimedia, and that it uses any material covered by copyright in accordance with the current legislation applicable on the matter, which expressly provides , such as hypotheses of free use, by way of example and not exhaustively, the reproduction or citation of material for use in criticism, discussion or, again, for educational or scientific use.

The Supplier grants participants the possibility of viewing the educational material in streaming, while they are precluded from disseminating, reusing it, copying it, selling it as well as any other action not expressly provided for and specifically agreed with the Supplier.

By adhering to these conditions, the User does not acquire any rights to the contents, graphics, templates of the portal and any other element present therein.

They are therefore prohibited from reproducing the graphics of the site or any other site developed, licensed, controlled or owned by the company itself.

No logo, graphic element, sound or image accompanying the pages of the site may be copied or reproduced without the express authorization of the company.

The brands, even in fact, contained on the site or referred to are protected by the law on registered trademarks, on unfair competition and other applicable laws and by any commercial agreements and, therefore, cannot be copied or imitated.

The names of products and companies mentioned on the platform may be trademarks of their respective owners used by the supplier as a result of specific commercial agreements, therefore unauthorized use of the same is expressly prohibited.

The software relating to the platform including updates, possibly provided or otherwise made available to the User, are created or acquired by the Supplier, who is entitled to all rights of economic use and this agreement does not give the User any rights over the same and on the relevant source codes.

The User is expressly prohibited from carrying out the activities referred to in the art. 64-bis L. 633/41, such as, by way of example but not limited to: the reproduction, extraction, translation, adaptation, distribution to the public in any form or transfer to third parties of the Software for any reason carried out, whether costly or free. For the entire duration of the agreement and also subsequently, without express authorization from the Supplier, the User is prohibited from carrying out interventions on the Software, even for the correction of any faults and/or defects, as well as duplication, decompiling, disassembly, transformation, software modification.

The User will never acquire ownership of the site. All rights are the exclusive property of the Supplier.

The same applies to proprietary media through which the material, audio and video recordings, or live recordings are reproduced (for example: webinars or audio/video recordings).

All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

Any contrary behavior by users legitimizes the Supplier, upon deletion of the profile, to act in the appropriate places and with the appropriate forms. 

7. Supplier Obligations

The Supplier undertakes to guarantee access to the services offered by the platform to those who have correctly completed the registration and course purchase procedure, except as provided in point 13 below.

The Supplier undertakes to activate the courses on demand or recorded within thirty days of purchase, except as established in point 12 below.

It is the supplier’s obligation to make available to the Participant their own reserved area in which their personal data and further information relating to the courses selected and purchased will be reported.

Except as established in the previous point 4, it is the Supplier’s obligation to set up the system so that the Participant can access the course material within the established deadlines, regardless of how the courses are carried out, at any time (while always respecting the terms indicated) and, for the courses used, until the Participant requests the deletion of their profile or, when provided for through specific communication within each course, until the terms of access to the course have expired.

The Supplier undertakes to store and process the personal data of users and customers in accordance with the provisions of the Legislative Decree. 196/2003 and subsequent amendments and additions ensuring compliance with the obligations set out therein and, in particular, those relating to the preparation of the logical and physical security measures referred to in the articles. 31 and following of the aforementioned legislation, to their maintenance, maintenance and assistance in accordance with the law, and to use the information for the sole purposes indicated to the users and for which they have given specific consent, where necessary.

In the event of a cancellation request by the Participant, the Supplier undertakes to delete all data collected, without prejudice to any retention obligations imposed by law. 

8. Obligations of the User/Member/Participant

When filling out the form, the User who intends to register undertakes to provide their personal data correctly and truthfully.

The Member undertakes to maintain with the required diligence the authentication credentials necessary to access their reserved area and the e-learning platform.

It is the enrollee’s obligation to proceed with the payment of the fee foreseen for the selected course according to one of the methods indicated.

It is the participant’s obligation to use the materials relating to the course limited to what is indicated in point 6. 

9. Withdrawal

The participant is granted, without charge and without specifying the reason, the right to withdraw within 14 days of enrolling in the course for online courses (with the exception of recurring subscription courses, for which it is possible to unsubscribe at any time as long as within the automatic renewal, and cases in which the warranty is extended and clearly mentioned on the sales page).

Refund requests following the purchase of classroom courses or live events cannot be made, as per the European Court Judgment of 31 March 2022. In this case the purchaser can choose to donate the ticket to a person of his knowledge.

Periodic subscriptions, online and registered events enjoy the right of withdrawal of 7 days from the date of membership or payment, as per law. 

The participant may inform the Supplier of his decision to exercise the right of withdrawal, within the aforementioned terms, by presenting any explicit declaration of his decision to withdraw from the contract.

Regardless of the form used, the communication must be sent before the expiry of the withdrawal period, to the Supplier, at the indicated office, by PEC email to dka.corridonia@pec.it, by email to info@tretorri.org.

Confirmation of acceptance of the withdrawal is mandatory by the Supplier.

In the event of the participant/consumer exercising the right of withdrawal, the Supplier will be required to reimburse the sums already obtained in payment within 14 days of becoming aware of the exercise of the right, net of any management costs already incurred.

These refunds will be made using the same payment method used by the participant for the initial transaction, unless otherwise expressly agreed; in any case, the participant will not have to bear any costs as a consequence of such reimbursement.

Requests for withdrawal or refund sent after the date established in the order form signed online by the customer (generally 14 days for online courses and classroom courses, as per legal terms for all subscription sales), will not will be taken into consideration, except in cases where the warranty is extended and clearly mentioned on the sales page.

In the event that the product for which a refund or withdrawal is requested includes educational material, gadgets or other items sent by the Supplier, the Customer will obtain a refund only after having sent back what was received to the Supplier’s address.

In case of non-delivery, the contract is considered terminated but without being entitled to any refund.

If payment in installments is envisaged, and an unpaid amount occurs, access to the course will be suspended and will not be reinstated until the amount due is paid by the User/Enrollee/Participant.

In the event of a clear refusal to pay the remaining sum or if subsequent debit attempts also fail, the Supplier will retain the sums received up to that point as compensation for the services and contents provided up to that point, upon request for reimbursement by the of the User if it arrives within the established deadlines.

The Supplier avails itself of the right to recover the amount due through out-of-court or judicial agreements.

EXCEPTIONS:  special offers at a discounted price for short periods or particular events such as, for example, “Black Friday”, “Christmas” or similar are exceptions. In these cases each sale is considered final and definitive and no refunds or withdrawals of any kind are foreseen.

10. Cancellation

Outside of the cases provided for in the previous point 9, the participant is still allowed to express his/her intention not to participate in the course purchased by means of a PEC email to dka.corridonia@pec.it or another form of contact expressly indicated in the reserved area of ​​the course in question and within the limits established during the purchase phase.

In cases where the customer participates in a subscription or recurring course, such as Judo Summer Camp, upon completion of the cancellation he will lose access to the digital material available on the portal, to the communities and to any other content included in the offer to which he is participating. giving up.

11. Cancellation, course changes or postponement

In relation to the number of registrations received, the Supplier may cancel or move the course to another date, subject to at least 5 days’ notice. sent to the email address provided by the Participant.

In the event of cancellation, the Supplier will refund the entire fee paid by the Participant or, in agreement with the same, pay a voucher of the same amount for the purchase of other courses.

In the event that the start date of the course is changed, the Participant has the right to accept the new programming or even the alternative solution of a voucher of the same amount as the course for the purchase of other courses, without further charges and subject to reimbursement of any difference , confirming this by email to info@tretorri.org within 10 days of the communication sent by the Supplier, or by opting, through the same communication, for the reimbursement of the sums paid, by means of a request to be sent using the aforementioned methods and terms.

The Supplier reserves the right at any time and without notice to make changes to the content of the initiative and the composition of the teaching staff, guaranteeing equal professionalism, competence and the training path, following publication on the official event page. 

12. Disclaimers

The Supplier’s liability is understood to be within the limits of the obligations undertaken with these terms and conditions and the sum paid upon registration.

The User guarantees that he will use the site according to the conditions and for the services established and offered by the supplier, excluding any use that has illegal purposes or purposes contrary to what is provided for in these terms and conditions of use and in any case in ways that could damage him, make him unusable, overload or deteriorate it or interfere with the use of it by other Users.

or other causes not directly attributable to the Supplier); the increase or lack of increase in business by the User’s business; for tampering or interventions by third parties on services or equipment used by the Supplier or the User; for incorrect use of the platform by Users; malfunction of the connection equipment used by Users; non-conformity and/or obsolescence of devices or programs with which the User or third parties are equipped; problems or inefficiencies relating to hosting and domain; for service malfunctions, data losses, accidental disclosure of personal or sensitive data, and any other type of damage occurring as a result of attacks by computer pirates, thieves, hackers, crackers, viruses, etc.

The User accepts that the Supplier will not be held responsible for omissions or errors that may be contained in the materials transited on the site, nor for any violation of the rights of others and for damages, even indirect, consequential thereto, or for other damages of any kind, including resulting from loss of the right of use, loss of information or loss of profit or resulting from breach of contract, negligence or other harmful actions, deriving from or in any way connected to the use or information available on the site. 

13. Applicable law and reference language

The parties recognize Italian law as the only valid one for all the articles and clauses of these conditions. 

14. Jurisdiction and Jurisdiction Agreement

All disputes relating to this agreement are referred to Italian jurisdiction, and the Court of Macerata will have exclusive jurisdiction, without prejudice to the consumer’s jurisdiction where applicable.