6th International Judo Summer Camp 2013: Yamamoto closes the event on the Tatami

Kintaro Yamamoto Judo Summer Camp Tre Torri

Kintaro Yamamoto, 4th Dan (Tenri University) closes the event Sarnano brilliantly whilst Judo Master Corrado Croceri then thanks the visiting experts Katanishi, Hirano, Kintaro Yamamoto as well as the attendees.

Kintaro Yamamoto Judo Summer Camp Tre Torri

The summer camp has reached the last lesson. The group is very tired but extremely happy and satisfied to have been able to experience this unique event which is truly unrepeatable, as every seminar of this sort tends to be. In any Judo event, even if the subjects appear to be the same from the outside, everyone knows that things are revealed inside – or simply “come up” – that are rarely seen or heard again. There is always something unique to each event.

On this, the last day of the summer camp, the closing was giving to the young Kintaro Yamamoto, 4th Dan, and the boy from Tenri is a little anxious. We’re outside the front of the Hotel Terme and whilst we’re waiting for the time to start, Kintaro is concentrated and already going through his lesson in his head.

Passers-by look at Kintaro, ask themselves who is this person and why is he doing these strange things. We, on the other hand, understand the reason for his movements and se that he’s doing attacks into space on his own and is thinking about what he’s going to do in the lesson.

To the general public who watch us but don’t understand, our world is very odd. But for us, and others, who live Judo inside and out, we manage to see the emotion that is transmitted from this young person’s very skin.

It appears as though the theme is going to be the same one: ”Seoi nage” etc… and one might also be forgiven for thinking, again!? It’s always the same technique… But there’s a surprise in store.

Kintaro starts off with a series of mixed exercises to explain the theory of Uchikomi (looking for the correct contact during repetition of the techniques).

The general purpose of this exercise is to clarify what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. And in this, the young Yamamoto has very clear ideas and we thanked him for his valuable contribution.

At the end of this lesson, the closing ceremony started with the Attendance Certificates being awarded to the attendees of the Sarnano event. We believe it’s always important to make time for a moment that is dedicated to this part of the initiative and to look around us at the spirit of the people with whom we have spent the past five days.

Judo Master Corrado Croceri, the organiser of this sixth International Judo Summer Camp, takes the floors and thanks the attendees for their participation and the Judo Masters for their priceless contributions. Croceri underlined the importance of participating in these events to share our passion for Judo and to pause and think about friendships old and new “the purest of human feelings”. Judo, more than being a martial art, or a sport, or a school of life, or a form of physical and mental education, is also a way to make and appreciate friends.

On that score, we cannot be but extremely satisfied because this year, as indie we see every year, the number of friends coming has grown even more. This support and participation gives us the strength to move ahead.

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