Judo Summer Camp 2019 towards the end

The work of the 150 judokas continues with great success.

Three intensive days, full of contents, have been the common thread of the lessons made by the four Judo Masters, during this 12th edition.

Three trainings per day for a total of 5 hours spent on the tatami: every morning from 7 to 8 ne waza, while from 10 to 12 and from 17 to 19, technical lessons on different topics.

Il Maestro Corrado Croceri con l'Assessore allo Sport di Porto Sant'Elpidio Elena Amurri e il Sindaco di Corridonia Paolo Cartechini.
The Judo Master Corrado Croceri with the sport councilor of Porto Sant’Elpidio Elena Amurri and the Mayor of Corridonia Paolo Cartechini.

At the opening the greetings from the Mayor of Corridonia Paolo Cartechini and the Sport Councilor of Porto Sant’Elpidio, Elena Amurri, wished the welcome back to all partecipants.

In addition to the institutions, Croceri also received a tribute plaque from the social cooperative Pars for having participated in a project to combat gambling addiction for minors, illustrating the benefits of judo practice for young people.

A curious detail to note is the presence of two boys who even arrived from California to take part in the lessons.

During each lessons the teachers have offered their personal and different contributions to the diffusion of the discipline for a healthy and conscious practice.

Many topics covered. It is hard to summarize all of them in words, however, some videos are available on the official Tre Torri facebook page.

Regardless the topics, all four masters emphasized the need to perform the practice safely, limiting the chances of injury to the maximum.

Hiroshi Katanishi, Maestro di Judo 8° Dan e direttore tecnico del Judo Summer Camp.
Hiroshi Katanishi, 8° Dan and technical director of the Judo Summer Camp.

“Getting hurt is contrary to the principles of better use of energy and mutual prosperity – said Katanishi – judo is not a street struggle and for this, it is necessary to have the responsibility for oneself and for the partner”.

Corrado Croceri also spoke about this with a lesson focused on the correct practice of Randori, the main exercise of judo that allows to progress through the free study, unfortunately often confused with competition. “The randori must be opened, according to the principle of mutual concessions – said Croceri – it is important to learn accepting the attacks of the partner and turn them into opportunities. Defending oneself by blocking and moving away means not allowing the study, it means not respecting the partner. The teacher must transmit this knowledge to the students.”.

Croceri also invited the participants to pay attention to the correct position and the importance of the movements, avoiding to force the techniques at all costs with the consequence of endangering Uke’s safety.

On Tuesday, the stage was for the Yves Cadot conference according the “Mondō” modality, the comparison between students and teachers through questions and answers.

Wednesday afternoon, a delegation visited the Dojo Kenshiro Abbe in Corridonia. The particularity of this dojo is the look set up by the Master Croceri, that follows the traditional atmospheres of Japan.

“A real museum” some of the participants said.

Restano ancora due giorni di scoperta del vasto panorama del judo con una seconda conferenza di Yves Cadot questa volta con la forma del “Koji”, ovvero la corso magistrale.

There will be still two days to discover the vast panorama of judo with a second conference by Yves Cadot. This time with the form of “Koji”.

In the sport venue of Porto Sant’Elpidio transformed into a dojo, you can feel the authentic atmosphere of judo with the athletes who slowly get to know each other, become friends and practice like a big family in which everyone pushes towards individual growth and collective.

Al Tre Torri Judo Summer Camp si vive il vero judo, quello ideato e teorizzato dal fondatore Jigoro Kano che attraverso la pratica dell’attacco difesa immaginava di aiutare il progresso della società per il benessere fisico, mentale e morale di tutti i suoi componenti.

At the Tre Torri Judo Summer Camp you can experience the real judo, the one conceived and theorized by the founder Jigoro Kano. Through the practice of the attack defense, he imagined to help the progress of society for the physical, mental and moral well-being of all its components.

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