Judo Summer Camp 2014: extraordinary success!

Judo Summer Camp 2014 Foto di gruppo

Dear Friends,

We knew that we were on the right road! The latest TRE TORRI International Judo Summer Camp 2014 exceeded our expectations and reached new heights of participation from both Italian and overseas Judoka.

People came from Canada, South Africa, Norway, Germany, France and Romania, as well as from every part of Italy, to take part in the Summer Camp, which is a reflection of the significance and popularity it has attained.

Judo Summer Camp 2014 Foto di gruppo

In offering a Judo Camp of such technical and didactic richness, the Organising Committee benefited the organisation itself and, more particularly, the Camp’s participants.

Judo Master Corrado Croceri, 6th Dan, said: “We need the understanding of Judo shown at the TRE TORRI International Judo Summer Camp to put the focus back on  correct practise”.

Equally important is rediscovering the value of the discipline of Judo, as an interesting path both for the individual and as part of a group. It is worth mentioning again that, because of this, Judo contributes significantly to the growth of the individual and of society as a whole, based on three essential and undeniable objectives:

  1. Balanced development of the body: an important objective for each of us, from young practitioners to adults. Judo complies perfectly with a true definition of Physical Education.
  2. Combat effectiveness of using attack-defence techniques: studying the art of Judo, by seeking both technical perfection and beauty in the moves, is important for achieving one’s own expressive style. These elements are aesthetic rules that can be learned and shared.
  3. Psycho-physical equilibrium: takentogether, the first two objectives create a basis for obtaining self-control, a balanced mental state and even spiritual growth.

These three pillars of Judo practice were constantly on display during the lessons given by the Camp’s Technical Staff, namely: Judo Master Hiroshi Katanishi, 8th° Dan, the main point of reference, together with Kintaro Yamamoto, 5th Dan, and the talented Hiromi Kaji (Tsukuba University).

We believe, indeed we are convinced, that this is the cornerstone of our proposal for a judo that is Educational, Sportive, Philosophical  and Social andthat can emerge from obscurity. 

A lesson we have drawn from this year’s experience is the need for uniformity of technical and didactic approaches, dividing the courses into two more homogeneous groups, based on age and individual level.

The next Summer Camp will be held in the third week of July 2015 (Monday 20th – Friday 24th), and will include:

  1. Technical courses aimed at coloured belts (from 5th Kyu to 1st Kyu)
  2. Courses aimed at black belts (from 1st Dan to the high grades 6th – 7th – 8th Dan with themed areas of study).

For younger attendees: special lessons will be dedicated to learning and intensifying the practice of Randori.

The Dojo will have 392 mt2 of Tatami available.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

The Organising Committee

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