Third International Judo Summer Camp

Judo Summer Camp 2009

The third International Judo Summer Camp will soon kick off. This Italian camp is destined to become an important point of reference in the panorama of international events.

The Judo camp at Sarnano has been designed to be ambitious, interesting, forward-thinking and immediately applicable.

This third year of the summer camp will again be under the technical direction of Judo Master H. KATANISHI, 7th Dan, an expert recognised internationally. The Judo Master is Technical Adviser both to the Swiss Judo Federation and to the judo magazine “L’esprit du Judo”. H. Katanishi is also a Judo teacher at Judokwai Losanna in Switzerland.

The organization by Judo Master Corrado Croceri, 6th Dan, a well-known judo promoter with Tre Torri, the most important Judo tournament in Italy, represents a guarantee of the technical quality and value of the teaching by Hiroshi Katanishi. It will be a valuable opportunity for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of techniques and teaching Judo in general, particularly the Japanese approach to Judo.

This summer camp will also deal with a theme that is becoming increasingly more pressing: “training”, in the vernacular of modern Judo, the expression of style: a topic which, perhaps more than ever before, needs to be explored.

In the Judo offered by Judo Master Hiroshi Katanishi, as well as being a method to enhance technique, also becomes a way to better understand the deeper meaning of Judo itself.

The dates to remember for the third International Judo Summer Camp at Sarnano are 26-30 July, 2010. Stay in touch for more information.

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