6th International Judo Summer Camp 2013: Katanishi chooses Te waza for his final lesson

Katanishi quinto giorno Sarnano 2013

Yoshiyuki Hirano, 5th Dan (Tenri University) and Judo Master Hiroshi Katanishi, 7th Dan close the last morning session and re-energises the tired attendees.

Katanishi quinto giorno Sarnano 2013

And so starts the last day of this, the sixth International Judo Summer Camp at Sarnano: the morning lesson taken by Judo Master Yoshiyuki Hirano, 5th Dan.

It’s normal at 7am in the morning to wake ourselves up with some Ne waza and Yoshiyuki Hirano starts the warm-up with some exercises of coordination between the upper limbs and the lower ones. Then we go into some Hairi Kata (ways to arrive at a control) with the Uke on all fours..

The lesson seems to fly. Everyone shows great interest and fully engage with the lessons. Yoshiyuki Hirano has won everybody over!

At Sarnano, the Judo Master Hirano, has really managed to touch the younger attendees who seem to adore him and his way of teaching and explaining. Hirano has, in an certain way, won their hearts.

Then the 10am lesson arrives with the turn of Judo Master Hiroshi Katanishi, 7th Dan.

The theme chosen is “Te waza” (techniques predominantly involving the arms and shoulders). We started with the usual Tandoku renshu on how to move (Mae mawari sabaki / Ushiro mawari sabaki / and other forms of Tai sabaki). These preliminary exercises are fundamental and serve as a foundation upon which Judo Master Katanishi builds his lesson and in this, his last performance, he relies once more on Seoi nage.

Everyone knows, to a greater or lesser degree, this “everyday” technique but what is most interesting is the way in which it is applied by Katanishi.

His ideas and suggestions are always incredibly revealing and interesting for the richness in the details which truly help everyone improve their execution of the technique.

The attendees respond in the best way by giving their all. Hiroshi Katanishi knows how to get the best from everyone and his great class and ability always leave an indelible mark on those who get to work with him.

At the end of the lesson, the Judo Master moves into an exercise to review the themes covered with Yaku soku geiko before ending with a session of Randori.

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