6th International Judo Summer Camp: Sarnano 2013 on the starting blocks

Hiroshi Katanishi e Yoshiyuki Hirano

Hiroshi Katanishi, Judo expert and teacher, manages once more to inspire his students, new and old, with his explanations and demonstrations.

Hiroshi Katanishi e Yoshiyuki Hirano

After all the preparations, the worry of having thought about everything, here were are hoping to convey some of the excitement and enthusiasm for this event.

The summer camp at Sarnano confirms once more the importance of this learning opportunity and the chance to better understand and appreciate a wide range of topics. Only through a conscious and knowing practice can we truly review and improve. This is what Judo can develop in each of us.

So here we are at the beginning of a journey full or promise.

We think we’re on the right track. This project, shared with Judo Master Hiroshi Katanishi and his assistants, Yoshiyuki Hirano and the young Kintaro Yamamoto, continues to attract more judoka and everyone who attends is highly satisfied and impressed.

Things kicked off at 7am this morning. Judo Master H. Katanishi started with a lesson on ne waza and illustrated the importance of managing the movement on the floor. He paid particular attention to the various ways of rolling, both in relation to its means of safety as well as in relation to the uke.

In the lesson on tachi waza (from 10am to midday), we started with the usual educational aspects (tandoku renshu) which the Judo Master used with leg techniques (ashi waza), hip techniques (koshi waza) and arm techniques (te waza) and it was fascinating to hear him talk about the importance of the distance between Uke and Tori as well as the importance of having a stable body position both in techniques with two points of support and with only one point of support.

The atmosphere on this first day was superb and everyone has left their starting blocks at a sprint!

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