4th International Judo Summer Camp with Hiroshi Katanishi

I Maestri del Judo Camp Estivo Tre Torri 2011

The 4th edition of the International Judo Summer Camp will take place in July 2011 in Sarnano, historical village located in the heart of Italy, in the wonderful “Marche”region. This training camp is becoming a reference for those who are interested in studying the art of Judo and its fundamentals.

The Summer Camp will be held by Master Hiroshi Katanishi, 7th Dan and international expert who managed to adapt the traditional teaching methods of Japanese judo to the western world. Master Katanishi graduated from Tenri University in Japan before moving to Lausanne (Switzerland) about 30 years ago. He is currently Technical Coach of the Swiss Federation of Judo, and also collaborates regularly with the French magazine “L’Esprit du Judo”. His attitude, his way of teaching and his work to promote Judo is recognized and renown across Europe.

We are honored to welcome Master Hiroshi Katanishi to Sarnano for the fourth time in a row. We are very proud of this education program that we started with him in 2004. Following this positive experience, Master Katanishi is now called to teach in many seminars across Italy, getting unanimous success.

This year he will be assisted by:

  • Shunsuke Yamasaki (7th dan), graduated from Konan University in Japan and co-writer of a publication in the Bulletin of the Association for the Scientific Studies on Judo from Kodokan (report 9, 2002 – « A comparative study of value orientations held by Japanese and French practitioners of Judo »)
  • Yoshiyuki Hirano, 5th dan, graduated fomTenri University in Japan. He already participated to the 2009 edition of the Summer Camp together with Hiroshi Katanishi and Go Tsunoda.
  • Yuko Nakano, 3rd dan, graduated from the Hiroshima University in Japan. She already participated to the 2010 edition together with Hiroshi Katanishi.

The organization is under the responsibility of Corrado Croceri, 6th dan and international expert. Corrado Croceri made the right choice when he first invited Master Katanishi to collaborate with him in his continuous work to promote the Judo in Italy and in the world. We remind you that Corrado Croceri is also the Managing Director of the famous Tre Torri, the biggest Judo Tournament in Italy and very well known around the globe for 27 years now, thanks to the level of its participants and the quality of its organization.

Promoting the technical and teaching abilities of Master Katanishi is a moral duty for us who are passionate about Judo and its values (from the art of fighting “Shobu-ho” to the physical education “Rentai-ho” and finally the cultivation of wisdom and virtue “Sushin-ho”).

So come and join us from the 25th to the 30th of July 2011 in Sarnano (Italy) to participate to this unique and fantastic judo camp. The training sessions will be held mostly in French but translated in Italian and English according to the individual needs.

For more information or to book, please contact us at info@tretorri.org. Tel +39 0733 292128

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