Judo Master Nobuhisa Hagiwara, who also graduated from the famous Tenri University in Japan, was this year’s “scoop” at the eighth edition of the Tre Torri Judo Summer Camp 2015.

We met in Dijon in France when Judo Master Isao OKANO was visiting on 20/21 June this year.

We established an immediate rapport and friendship, strengthened by the many things we have in common and, so, it was only natural to invite the Judo Master to join us at this year’s Summer Camp 2015.

We could not but seize the opportunity, undoubtedly by “vox populi”, and the Judo Master gave his all, without reserving even a drop of energy,  and became one of the “heroes” of the Summer Camp 2015. His presence enriched the event, along with his passion, his approach and his infectious enthusiasm.

His great ability to transmit his Judo message captured everyone and helped propel every participant as we worked on the tatami for five hours each day.

Judo Master Nobuhisa Hagiwara left us with many clarifications and insights on the proper way to practise Judo and perhaps the thing that left its greatest mark was how the Judo Master demonstrated and reiterated the principle of the efficient use of physical and mental energy, “Seryoku zen-yo”,  which the founder of Kodokan Judo, Jigoro Kano (1860 – 1938), passed down to us and which represents a foundation in Judo that cannot be overlooked.