Today we want to go back. A year ago Hiromi Kaji was part of the technical team of the 2014 edition of the Judo Summer Camp.

This young Japanese woman (World University Champion) is no stranger to Tre Torri, however. She has already participated at one Tre Torri International Judo Tournament, coming with a group of Slovenian judoka with Judo Master Marian Fabian (also attending was the Olympic Champion Urška Žolnir) and it was a significant experience for this talented youngster who took a bronze medal from the Tre Torri Tournament.

Judo Master Hiroshi Katanishi, 8th Dan, who, it must be said, has become a focal point, or point of reference, for the Japanese judoka in Europe, wanted to bring Hiromi with him for this year’s Tre Torri International Judo Summer Camp 2014, and we are delighted to have her.

Hiromi Kaji held her lessons with remarkable poise in one so young and demonstrated great skill in the sessions on Ne waza, impressing everyone where her fluidity and mobility, which helped her apply and explain the techniques of control in Osae waza.

The 7th TRE TORRI International Judo Summer Camp 2014 has, once again, achieved new heights and has underlined its importance and significance to judoka throughout Europe.

Hiromi Kaji, who brought some stunning Judo to the summer camp, is a rising star and we hope to see her again soon. Her contribution was priceless and we are indebted to her.