Judo Master Corrado Croceri, well-recognised and appreciated internationally for his commitment and dedication to promoting Judo, is the “Art Director” of the Tre Torri International Judo Summer Camp, as well as, shall we say, the founder, the organiser, and the “deus ex machina”.

His continuing drive to share Judo and to explain this discipline and its culture to those who, perhaps, aren’t all that aware of it, is rewarded by the many people from all walks of life and countries who come to listen to him.

This year’s Tre Torri International Judo Summer Camp has set new benchmarks and was an indisputable success, drawing Judo practitioners and teachers from every part of Europe.

Judo Master Corrado Croceri is someone who is well-known for his multi-faceted activities as a promoter of Judo and his tireless efforts have made him and the Tre Torri, two names that have become recognised throughout the world of Judo.

For many years now, the Judo Master has maintained that the richness of a National Judo Federation lies in the education, preparation, and the ability of the teachers who are, by definition, fulfilling the delicate, balanced role of Educator (in the first instance), Entertainer, Trainer, but above all, Maestro.

Fully convinced of the great responsibility that a teach of Judo assumes, Judo Master Croceri has dedicated vast amounts of energy into promoting Judo as a method to educate.

For Judo to be truly recognised by today’s society in general, its validity, from a pedagogical perspective, must be presented and simultaneously demonstrated as a way to form young people and to contribute positively for the benefit of society.

Proposing Judo as Education, adhering to a common moral value based on the ethics of comportment (or behaviour), enhances the objective for which this “tool” was developed by Judo’s founder, Jigoro Kano (1860 – 1938).

Judo is, then, an educational discipline, but unfortunately, this value is poorly known and misunderstood by too many people. Judo brings with it a great cultural heritage as well as a highly effective method to fulfil the increasingly challenging demands of raising and forming children, adolescents, the young, free and independent.

When well-understood, Judo has the ability to create adult citizens who are prepared and ready – and who have the desire – to contribute their energies and actions to a positive impact for the betterment of society.