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Tre Torri is a trademark of TT Budo International Srl. The company produces Gi and clothing for Judo, born from the passion and expertise of Corrado Croceri, Judo Master 6th Dan.

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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The general conditions of sale of TT Budo International S.r.l. are set out below. Please read them carefully.

1.1. The words “Site” and "Website" mean the internet site tretorri.org which sells official TT Budo International S.r.l. products;
1.2. The word “Customer” means the person who makes a purchase from the website based on these general conditions of sale. The Customer may be either a natural person acting for reasons not directly related to any professional business undertaking, or a natural person or corporate body acting for reasons directly related to a professional business undertaking; 
1.3. The phrase “TT Budo” or “TT Budo International S.r.l.” means TT Budo International S.r.l. with head offices at Via dell'Artigianato 50, 62014 Corridonia (MC), Italy. Registered with the Macerata Business Registry (Registro delle Imprese) number 1676612. Italian fiscal code (codice fiscale) and Italian tax ID number (partita IVA) 01623300439.
1.4. The word “Order” means the form, completed by the Customer, through the Site, requesting goods offered for sale. 
1.5. The words “Items” and “Products” mean the goods found on the Site that are offered for sale on the basis of these general conditions of sale. 
1.6. The words “Items” and “Products” mean the goods found on the Site that are offered for sale on the basis of these general conditions of sale.
1.7. The word “Price” means the cost to the Customer of the items offered for sale, including shipping costs. 
1.8. The word “Contract” means the contract for the sale of the Items governed by these general conditions of sale.
1.9. The word “Parties” means TT Budo International S.r.l and the Customer.

2.1. Products are sold pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Contract published on the Site at the moment the Order is placed. 
2.2 The Contract becomes valid and binding upon both Parties when an order confirmation is sent by TT Budo International S.r.l to the email address supplied by the Customer when the Customer registered and created an account at the Site.
2.3. Certain Products available for sale from the Site, upon the Customer’s request, may be personalised following the instructions available on the Site. The right of cancellation and refund is not available for these Personalised Items, as the integrity of the Product has been compromised. 
2.4. Prices and Products available for sale on the Site are subject to change without prior notice.

3.1 Orders to TT Budo International S.r.l will be delivered by courier to the address indicated by the Customer on the Order form.
3.2 Items are normally delivered within 2 working days for addresses in Italy and within 5 working days for addresses outside Italy, from the date on which the order is cleared by TT Budo International S.r.l. Delivery dates on the Site are purely indicative and are not binding upon TT Budo International S.r.l.. 
3.3 Following the placement and confirmation of an Order, should one or more items not be available for any reason, TT Budo International S.r.l. may proceed with the delivery of the other products ordered by the Customer. In this case, the partial delivery of the ordered Items will be considered valid and will not confer upon the Customer the right to refuse delivery nor to any claim for damages or compensation.
3.4 Ownership and risks related to the transportation of the Products transfer to the Customer at the moment of delivery to the address indicated by the Customer on the Order form.

4.1. The purchase of an Item or Items from the Site presupposes that the Customer will provide the information necessary to ensure delivery of the Item or Items. As part of the Customer’s registration, requested at the time of the first purchase, the Customer agrees to communicate a correct and full name and address and any other information that is required for the correct execution of the Order.
4.2. The Customer agrees to pay the Price shown for the Item or Items purchased and to keep a copy of the Order confirmation sent by tretorri.org to the email address given by the Customer at the time of registration at the Site. 

5.1. Prices are shown in euro (€) and are inclusive of VAT at the rate currently applicable to that category of goods. 
5.2. The total Price shown at the end of the buying process includes shipping costs but does not include any customs duties nor any applicable additional sales or import taxes. Any additional charges relative to customs clearance, including any additional local taxes, are the sole responsibility of the addressee.
5.3. Payment must be made in full:

  • for payments made by credit card, at the moment when the Order is placed;
  • for payments made by bank transfer, following Order confirmation. TT Budo International S.r.l. will not process the Order until proof of payment is received via fax (to +39 0733 292128) or email (to info@tretorri.org).

6.1. The Parties will not be held responsible for delays in meeting their obligations under this Contract if said delays are due to circumstances beyond their reasonable control. The Party experiencing the delay due to force majeure will have the right to extend the term for the period necessary to fulfil their obligations.

7.1. The trademarks, logos, and other distinctive marks of any sort appearing on the Website belong to their respective owners. 
7.2. The use of trademarks, logos or other distinctive marks by non-authorised third parties, including their reproduction on other websites, is prohibited. 
7.3. The content, including but not limited to information, text, graphics and images found on the Website, is protected by the rights of the author.

8.1. The right of cancellation, as determined by art. 5 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 185 of 22 May 1999 and by Italian Legislative Decree no. 50 of 15 January 1992, consists of the Customer’s right to cancel the Contract, return the Items purchased and receive a refund of the purchase Price. 
8.2. The right of cancellation applies to natural persons acting for reasons not directly related to any professional business activity. Excluded from the right of cancellation, therefore, are purchases made by resellers and companies.
8.3. The right of cancellation is effectuated by sending a registered letter, with notification of receipt, within 10 working days, to: TT Budo International S.r.l., Via dell'Artigianato 50 62014 Corridonia (MC) Italy. The communication may be made within the same period by telegram, telex or fax as long as a registered letter with notification of receipt is also send within the next 48 hours. 
8.4. To exercise your right of cancellation, the items purchased must be returned in good condition. All returned items must be wrapped carefully to safeguard them and their original wrapping from any damage, marks or labels which may be attached. 
8.5. The goods must be returned to: TT Budo International S.r.l., Via dell'Artigianato 50 62014 Corridonia (MC), Italy. Refunds of the purchase price and product replacements are usually made within 30 days of the receipt of the returned goods by TT Budo International S.r.l. and after their condition has been verified. 
8.6. Refunds exclude shipping costs, both those incurred by the Customer in returning goods and for exchange of goods.

9.1. Data supplied by the Customer required for the regular execution of the Contract will be treated in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of 2003 regarding "Protection of personal data".

10.1. The Contract substitutes all other pre-existing contracts, agreements and understandings between the Parties and, taken together with the Order, the general conditions of sale, the general conditions of use of the Website and the conditions relative to the registration service constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with respect to the purpose of the Contract.
10.2. Any change or modification to the Contract must be agreed in writing by both Parties. 

11.1. All communication between the Parties must be made in writing and sent to the Party’s address as shown in the Contract and in Order. Communication transmitted via electronic mail (email) is considered to be in writing if it is sent to and received at the email address indicated on the Site and in the Order. 
11.2. Communication that has a bearing on the validity or on the existence of this Agreement must be delivered exclusively by hand or sent by registered mail with notification of receipt. 

12.1. The Contract of Sale is drawn up in Italian, English and French. The Italian language version is considered definitive for legal purposes.

13.1. The Contract will be governed by and interpreted under Italian law. 
13.2. The Parties agree that this Contract is expressly excluded from the application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods. 
13.3. Any dispute arising under this Contract or relative to it will be handled:

a) by the Court whose jurisdiction includes the Customer's residence or the Customer's domicile if the Customer is considered a consumer under applicable current law;

b) in every other case, exclusively by the Court of Macerata, Italy.